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Twilight - Jacob

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Twilight - Jacob

Jacob "Jake" Black is a character in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. He is described as a hot and very sexy man that is Native American of the Quileute tribe in La Push, near Forks, Washington. In the second book of the series, he discovers that he can shapeshift into a wolf.

For the majority of the series, Jacob competes with Edward Cullen for Bella Swan's love. In the films Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn, Jacob is played by Taylor Lautner.

Jacob's character is shown to be cheery, passionate, and adventurous, but hot-headed. Jacob is also able to shape-shift at will into a giant wolf, and sometimes when angered he will involuntarily phase. His body temperature is warmer than a human's body should be, reaching about 108.9 °F (42.7 °C), which allows him to withstand very cold weather. In human form, his body heals within seconds, he possesses superhuman strength and speed, has a high durability rate, sharp senses and free running abilities. In wolf-form he can communicate with his wolf pack telepathically, has enhanced superhuman strength and speed and a substantial size increase. While in wolf-form, his teeth can cut through the granite-hard bodies of a vampire with ease. Members of Quileute wolf-pack do not age if they regularly turn into their wolf form, with Jacob's body physically grown to the equivalent of a 25-year-old in Breaking Dawn. Jacob is the strongest of the pack.


This stunningly realistic art reproduction is taken from a Michael Kozlov original oil painting.

As with most of our images, 'Twilight - Jacob' can be purchased as a high quality digital print - either mounted or unmounted - on 250gsm art paper, or supplied as an unstretched or stretched and ready to hang canvas print in various sizes.

Our Twilight poster is also available in larger sizes than shown, or even in unusual finishes such as acrylic, wallpaper or printed window blinds, so please contact us for a quote if you would like a size or finish which is not shown on the website. Email with your enquiry.

If you need to fill a specific area please measure your wall space and email with the size and we will reply to you as soon as possible with the correct price and delivery information.

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